Aston Bond welcomes two new members of staff

We are delighted to announce the addition of two members of staff to our team;  Jonathan Salter – Family Consultant and Neil Patel – Business Development Manager.

For Neil, working for a law firm is a new experience and he has commented as follows:

“Having recently joined the team at Aston bond, and not being a solicitor myself, I’m having to quickly learn the inside track of the legal profession. I’m particularly getting to know each member of the team and their individual fields of expertise. Wow – what a friendly and knowledgeable team they are!  These guys are truly passionate about what they do. Aston bond has given me a totally different perception of what they as a law firm are really all about as opposed to other law firms that I’ve dealt with in the past. I’m proud to be affiliated with such a dynamic forward thinking company that practices what it preaches.”