How the UK’s Immigration System Invites New Business

By October 9, 2013Immigration

Open for business

The current changes in the UK immigration provides wider flexibility, this in turn will allow more businesses to invest into the UK. The immigration Minister, Mark Harper stated that these changes showed that “the UK is open for business, we are building an immigration system that works in the national interest and supports growth”.

 Opportunities on the horizon

There are many new forums that have been set up privately to entice foreign investment in the UK. A new forum that is currently being formed is the Indo European Business Forum (IEBF), this forum was set up in 2007 and was introduced to promote a two way flow of trade in both India and the EU. With India currently being a thriving economy and the UK now opening more doors to provide opportunities, it seems to be the perfect solution for both counties and the EU to merge and work together. Forums such as the IEBF provide a solid platform to create a strong economic collaboration between India and Europe.

The future is bright the future is immigration

More and more students are now studying in the UK due to the increase in large companies which are now offering more internship’s after leaving university. This therefore attracts the brightest and the best to come to the UK to complete a degree and then if successful undertake a corporate internship.

Therefore it can be said that the reform in immigration by the UK is working, as further restraints have been placed on the routes into the UK, but still there is additional encouragement for the most excellent and finest students to come to the UK.

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