January 17, 2018

Aston Bond Tackles the London Legal Walk again

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London legal walk aston bond

London Legal walk here we come!

Here we are again, the 2018 London Legal Walk is on it’s way; 21st May. An ambitious 10km walk all through central London, and it’s something Aston Bond enjoy being part of year in year out, helping to raise money for the London Legal Support Trust. The charity helps raise money for Legal Aid, Legal Aid helps people who are unable to afford legal advice, to obtain needed legal representation.

Giving back and raising money is something that underpins the core values of Aston Bond, and knowing that the sum of our efforts can help bring justice and change to those who are less fortunate or unable to seek basic legal advice is fantastic. The company always hits the pavements of the big city to show their support and raise as much money as possible to help a great charity, who are doing great things.

This year we’re going for an ambitious £600, we’ve now got under four months to make it happen, but we’re hoping with your help we can raise enough money to support the London Legal Support trust; which will all make a difference to their admirable work.

Click here to go to the JustGiving page and donate as much as you can, thank you.

Below are some of the photos from our previous days at The London Legal walk, a fantastic event, which finish the walk with an amazing street festival, complete with exotic food and amazing acts. It really is a great day out and we can’t wait to get there!

Ilinca Mardarescu

Head of Employment