Data protection and Regulation

The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and subsequent General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) cover most organisations and businesses in the UK.   

GDPR includes far-reaching rights and obligations for the protection of privacy rights and makes organisations accountable for how it processes personal data.  Failure to follow GDPR guidelines is not just a matter of legal risk but also a reputational one.  

Here at Aston Bond, we believe in implementing processes with you from the beginning in order to avoid any problems later on down the line.  


We can carry out a full and comprehensive audit of all of your procedures in order to establish whether you are fully compliant or whether there are any gaps which could leave you exposed.   We will assist with writing tailored policies and procedures for your business operations and advise on implementation.

We provide advice and support on processing data access requests including ensuring you are doing so in a compliant way.  We also assist you to identify and gather data by using dedicated software tools. Where necessary, we also advise on managing a data breach, supporting you with notifications to regulators and affected individuals and defending claims from data subjects.

Providing structured training and guidance to staff on data protection and privacy matters which impact your business.

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"Aston Bond helped me with this thing and it was great and really helped."

"Aston Bond helped me with this thing and it was great and really helped."

"Aston Bond helped me with this thing and it was great and really helped."