Aston Bond are Specialist Family Law and Divorce Solicitors catering for a broad range of clients including business clients, landowners, celebrities and the general public.

All Family Law cases are dealt with using the same individual attention to detail.  No case is the same.  Our family team strive to guide client’s through an often traumatic and emotional time in the most painless way possible. Our aim is to obtain the best result possible for the parties and the children of the family. In the eyes of the Court the children are of paramount importance.

Our Head of Family Lynette-Ann A’Court has a wealth of experience both in the City of London and in the Provinces and is a member of Resolution and a Resolution Mediator. She offers out of hours appointments and has an emergency mobile number which will be given to client’s when necessary. We at Aston Bond appreciate that it may be necessary to speak with someone out of hours in traumatic family circumstances.

Our services include:

  • Divorce – Annulments – Civil Partnerships – Deeds of Separation
  • Jewish Divorce
  • Cohabitation Agreements – Cohabitation Disputes
  • Prenuptial Agreements – Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Domestic Violence Injunctions
  • Financial Settlements (including complex and high value case)
  • Injunctions to Freeze matrimonial assets
  • Children Act Cases (including Applications for Residence Orders, Joint Residence Orders
  • Child Arrangement Orders, Applications to Remove the Children from the Jurisdictions
  • Children’s Specific Issue Orders relating to education, religion, change of name
  • Prohibited Steps Orders relating to Children
  • Adoption and Special Guardianship

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"Aston Bond helped me with this thing and it was great and really helped."

"Aston Bond helped me with this thing and it was great and really helped."

"Aston Bond helped me with this thing and it was great and really helped."