About Aston Bond Law

We are an award winning Top Tier Legal 500 Law Firm. Our Solicitors believe in the traditions of the law whilst moving with the times. Our approach is to treat our clients in the same manner that we would want to be treated. Our business is therefore as much a commercial model as a professional practice, built on our four square foundations: Vision & passion, business excellence, effective teamwork and sound advice.

Our approach

Our personal and pragmatic approach is something that runs throughout our practice and underpins our success. Whilst the business and variety of services offered have evolved to best meet the needs of our clients, our people have and will always be at the heart of what makes us different. We are results driven and passionate about offering practical, clear and sensible solutions to our clients.

We look at the bigger picture, not just the issue you come to us with. We identify your options, your opportunities and assist in planning to achieve the best long-term solutions for you or your business.

Each of our clients experience a professional yet personal service and we aim to provide an efficient, stress free and dynamic legal solution to each client; small or big. It is our belief, as a law firm, that in order to practice law we must first build a long-term relationship with each of our clients and take the time to understand the personal and professional aims of each individual and business our solicitors work alongside.

Our Values

Our Vision

To continue to enhance our image as an informal, diverse, hardworking and entrepreneurial law firm that stands out from the rest, changing the poor perception of Lawyers. To think of each case as if it were the first one we had in 2004. On this case depends our entire reputation. We have no laurels on which to rest.

Our Mission

To transform your experience working with Lawyers and make you feel important. We believe in exceeding expectations by solving problems and creating value in unexpected ways. We encourage our clients and our Lawyers to reach beyond what is comfortable and usual, in order to see and achieve what seems to be impossible.

Our practices

Our complete array of legal services and many years of experience within the industry provide you with a top-notch, in-house and on-call legal team to answer any questions you may have at any time during your case. And our forward thinking approach to client communication allows each of our clients to be sure that they can contact our Solicitors at any time during the day.

Dispute Resolution





Probate & Estate Administration

Wills & Estate Planning

Corporate and commercial

Dispute resolution

Data protection and Regulation


Insolvency and Restructuring


Meet The Team

We pride ourselves on being approachable and personable ensuring the right Solicitor is working alongside you. Whether you’re a private, commercial or professional client, we identify opportunities, as well as advising on avoiding pitfalls. We can assure you that our highly skilled Solicitors have the experience and knowledge to handle your specific needs.

Ilinca Mardarescu

Head of Employment


Stephen Puri

CEO, Head of Dispute Resolution


Duncan Thomson

Co-Founder, Commercial property solicitor


Richard Carleton

Head of Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

James Dyche

Head of Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Kulbir Conner

Head of Conveyancing


Lynette A'Court

Head of Family Law


Lara Thomas

Private client Solicitor

Private client Solicitor

Wafaa Syed

Commercial property solicitor

Commerical property solicitor

Lauren Johnson

Dispute resolution solicitor

Our Awards

Leading Firm 2024

BUILD, real Estate

Corporate INTL

Review Solicitors

Equality and Diversity award

Our Accreditations

Investors in People

Conveyancing Quality

Join our team

Whether you’re an experienced partner, or at the start of your career, everyone is supported and valued as part of the Aston Bond team .  We stand apart from other law firms simply because of our dynamic approach and treating all clients fairly and equally.

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