September 11, 2020

Changes to Use Classes

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From 1 September 2020, there has been a change in the Use Classes in England by virtue of The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2020. 

These Regulations significantly changed the previous Use Classes by revoking a number of Use Classes and introducing the following new Use Classes:

  1. Class E – Commercial, Business and Service
  2. Class F – Local Community and Learning – split into:
    1. F1 – Learning and non-residential institutions
    2. F2 – Local community

Below we summarise some of the changes:

Use Use Class Pre-1 September 2020 Current Use Class
Shops A1 E or F2
Financial and professional services A2 E
Restaurants and cafes A3 E
Drinking establishments (e.g. pubs) A4 Sui Generis
Hot foot takeaways A5 Sui Generis
Business – Offices B1 E
Business – Research and development of products or processes B1 E
Business – Industrial processes B1 E
Non-residential institutions D1 The uses have been split out within E and F1
Assembly and leisure D2 The uses have been split out within E and F2 and some uses now falling within Sui Generis


It will be important to take into account these recent changes when purchasing new commercial premises or granting new leases.

Further details on the current Use Classes since 1 September 2020 can be found here:-