June 18, 2020

Child Arrangements Since the Relaxation of Lockdown Rules

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Even though lockdown rules have now been relaxed parents must carefully consider how they approach spending time with their children.

In practice the rule is ‘where possible that Child Arrangements Orders should be complied with but parents must act sensibly’.   In deciding the best way forward parents must take into account their children’s health, the risk of infection in the area where they reside, whether an individual in one of the households is a vulnerable adult.  If the parent with whom the children resides is a vulnerable adult or if a parent is working for the NHS or in an environment where they are at risk of infection, the parents may decide it is safer for the children to have contact via facetime or zoom until the pandemic is over.  The child’s safety is paramount.

It is very important at all times that parents put their children first and not their own personal wishes.

If any parent has any concerns about having coronavirus symptoms, the NHS operates an online coronavirus checker.  Anyone with symptoms must self-isolate for 7 days.  Anyone who lives with a symptomatic person must self- isolate for 14 days.   If parties have major concerns over coronavirus they should dial 999 and seek assistance whether this relates to their children or themselves.

If any parents have concerns over Child Arrangements our Senior Family Solicitor Lynette A’Court will be happy to assist. She may be contacted on 07754662438.