December 17, 2014

Its not all festive cheer at Christmas time in Family Law

This post was written by: Aston Bond Law Firm

So its that time of year again. You’re likely looking forward to the festival period as quality time to spend with the family. No more crushed commuters, deadlines, presentations and general work stress. You’ll be glad to turn your office phone off for at least 48 hours, and you look forward to having the mother-in law over, oh happy days.

Its about fun at home with friends and family. Making mulled Wine (hopefully you have cinnamon at home), enjoying indulgent treats, listening to the kids singing around the Christmas tree, baking mince pie’s, or waiting for your on-line delivery to arrive. This also involves concentrating on being aware that the doorbell may ring between 10.30am and 11am, whilst you’re cleaning the family silver. Perhaps  if you are lucky enough to have this kind of experience at Christmas, you should relish every moment of it.

Well back  to reality and there is a reason why family lawyers say January is the busiest month for new divorce  inquiries. It has even picked up the term “DDay”. The first Monday back to work after the festival season, family lawyers are bracing themselves. Sometimes its the day after the kids have been dropped off to school, why  is this the busiest month? For those that have domestic bliss, then exit here.  If you are one of  many that dread this time of year then you’re not alone.

Throughout the year, many of us are living the rat race, with no time to stop and think.  Any problems that you may be facing in your marriage, are pushed aside for another day.  The Christmas period may force you to really think about these issues that have been festering. Throw in the stress of extended family, money worries and its not just the Christmas pudding that lights up.

It is a sad reality that whilst this time of year is supposed to be full of laughter and cheer, many will be wondering if they really want to continue in relationships that unfortunately, do not make them happy any more.  Sometimes it really is that simple. When all is said and done, life is short and as each year passes, this becomes a stark reality to many.

Couples are sometimes forced to spend time together and they realise that they quite simply have grown apart.   The only thing keeping them together is the mundane routine, the children, the fear.

Any decent family lawyer will encourage you to think carefully about  ending a marriage, whether its been twenty years or two. Rushing into a divorce is never a great step to take but you may want to weigh up your options and get a realistic idea of what is involved  in the legal process.

So if you are finding that  your Christmas is more  festival fear than festive fun, fear no more

As a special offer, Aston Bond are offering  a 30 minute FREE  telephone consultation throughout the Christmas period and January with an experienced family lawyer.  Whether you are looking to divorce your spouse, or just want to know what your options are, pick up the phone and give us a call – 01753 486 777.  If you are going to take this step, then you need to make an informed decision without any pressure or worry with regards to paying thousands or making any hasty decisions.

Sometimes picking up the phone is the hardest step, but there is no pressure, just a chance to find out a little more about what your options are.


Monisha Ferguson, Family Solicitor

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