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Conveyancing Pricing

The conveyancing fees listed are fixed fees to carry out the work required.

Basic Fee Scale


Price FromPrice ToLegal Service Fee FROM                                         VATTotal
£0£500,000£750.00                                                  20%                         150.00£900.00
£500,001£600,000£975.00                                                  20%                        195.00£1170.00
£600,001£900,000£1,250.00                                              20%                          250.00£1,500.00
£900,001£1,000,000£1,500.00                                              20%                            300.00£1,800.00
Over £1,000,000.00N/AIn respect of transactions which exceed £1,000,000 we will provide a more bespoke fee proposal based upon your specific requirements, at the hourly rates of £385 per hour plus VAT. Please contact us to discuss. N/A

Additional fee:

Fee NameTypeFee                     VATSub Fee TypeConditionVAT
Office Copy Entries (per entry)Fixed£7.00                        NonThird Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo
Leasehold FeeFixed£750.00                  20%Professional ChargesTenure==LeaseholdYes
Online ID Check (per person and UK)Fixed£15.00                     NonThird Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo
Telegraphic Transfer FeeFixed£40.00                   20%Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes
Archive FeeFixed£35.00                   20%Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes


Price FromPrice ToLegal Service FeeTotal
£0£500,000£750.00                       20%                        150.00£900.00
£500,001£600,000£975.00                        20%                         195.00£1,170.00
£600,001£900,000£1,250.00                      20%                       250.00 £1,500.00
£900,001£1,000,000£1,500.00                      20%                       300.00£1,800.00
£1,000,001N/ABy Quotation                                                   20%N/A

Additional Fee:

Fee NameTypeFee                                   VATSub Fee TypeConditionVAT
Acting for the Mortgage LenderFixed£100.00                 20%        20.00Professional ChargesMortgage==YesYes
Bankruptcy Search FeeFixed£10.00                                   nonThird Party DisbursementAlways AppliedNo
Stamp Duty Land Tax FeeFixed£100.00                 20%         20.00Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes
Search packFixed£725.00                                  nonThird Party DisbursementAlways AppliedYes
Leasehold FeeFixed£750.00                   20%     150.00Professional ChargesTenure==LeaseholdYes
Online ID Check (per person and UK)Fixed£15.00                                    nonThird Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo
Telegraphic Transfer FeeFixed£40.00                    20%                    8.00Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes
Archive FeeFixed£35.00                   20%                    7.00Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes

Transfer of Equity:

Price FromPrice ToLegal Service FeeTotal

Additional Fee:

Fee NameTypeFee              VATSub Fee TypeConditionVAT
Stamp Duty Land Tax Admin FeeFixed£100.00         20%                20.00Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes
Bankruptcy Search Fee (per person)Fixed£10.00           nonThird Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo
Land Registry Search Fee (per entry)Fixed£7.00             nonThird Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo
Online ID Check (per person and UK)Fixed£15.00           nonThird Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo
Bank Telegraphic Transfer FeeFixed£40.00          20%                    8.00Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes
Archive FeeFixed£35.00        20%               7.00Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes


Price FromPrice ToLegal Service FeeTotal
£0£10,000,000.00                     20%£1,250.00£445.00

Additional Charges:

Fee NameTypeFee                            VatSub Fee TypeConditionVAT
Office Copy Entries (per entry)Fixed£7.00                         nonThird Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo
Telegraph Transfer AdministrationFixed£40.00                      20%                              8.00Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes
Bankruptcy Search Fee (per person)Fixed£10.00                     nonThird Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo
Archive FeeFixed£35.00                    20%                                7.00Professional ChargesAlways AppliedYes
Online ID Check (per person and UK)Fixed£15.00                    nonThird Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo
SearchesFixed£725.00 (approx. Depends on Lender Requirements)Third Party DisbursementsAlways AppliedNo

If you’d like to discuss a conveyancing matter further then please submit your details in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.