July 30, 2014

‘Marilyn Monroe’ comes to Aston Bond

This post was written by: Aston Bond Law Firm

Link to the article from the Slough Express

Stephen and Marilyn PaperBizarre birthday surprises have become a tradition at Aston Bond, 3 years ago, an anonymous group of employees had an interesting birthday cake designed for their boss Stephen Puri, one such that is suitable only for mature pairs of eyes only. They thought that their boss would appreciate the design of the cake. Apparently he did not!

Not deterred by their boss’s less than impressed reaction to the rude cake, the following year the group of employees had a birthday cake designed of the CEO’s face.

Last year, in keeping with the newly formed tradition, the group of employees had a life size cardboard-cut-out designed of the CEO, which now takes pride of place in the office.

This year, with expectations at fever pitch, the anonymous group of employees (believed to be growing by the year) thought that they would go all-out.

The group called upon Suzie Kennedy, a world renowned Marilyn Monroe lookalike, to attend the firm’s office and sing Stephen happy birthday. The Marilyn Monroe lookalike appeared, to Stephen’s shock, singing “happy birthday Mr President”, during an end of month staff lunch. Marilyn also sang “I wanna be loved by you” and “My heart belongs to daddy”, truly living up to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic status.

A huge cake was also designed of the firm’s new offices on Windsor Road, Slough – another fantastic surprise.


Stephen said, shortly after the performance, that he was rarely short of words but on this occasion he was certainly speechless!

The group of employees who organised the event were delighted with the success of the event and most importantly, the shock caused to their boss! Rumours have already begun about what next year’s instalment will bring…