October 1, 2013

SRA Introduces it’s New Chief Executive

This post was written by: Aston Bond Law Firm

Today, the Solicitors Regulation Authority named Paul Philip as its new Chef Executive, who will take the position early next year.

Paul Philip, who is currently the deputy chief executive of the General Medical Council will take his new position on the 1st January of next year. And while his current position has no connection to the legal sector Philip has held roles within the legal sector beforehand.

In the past Philip’s has held a senior position within the Legal Services Commission and the National Health Service; furthermore, he also holds a degree and masters in law and has also been called to the bar at Lincoln’s Inn.

But what does this mean for the legal sector and its solicitors?

At the moment it is not known what changes will be made by Philip’s. However, with the SRA and the legal sector being placed under further pressure than ever before it will certainly be a position of intense pressure. More information is certain to be announced in the coming months including the pay package of Philip’s and his personal ambitions at the SRA over the coming years.

Ashton Hudson, Online Marketing Executive