October 23, 2013

SRA to Strip Away Solicitor Qualifications

This post was written by: Aston Bond Law Firm

The Solicitors Regulation Authority will unveil a new publication today which is thought to put in place a radical reform for the require qualifications to enter the legal profession in the UK.

The changes, which will be laid out within this publication, are said to offer future solicitors more alternative routes into the legal profession and also allow them to design their own routes into the profession; this will include stripping away many required qualifications.

The change, which is said to be laid out as a blueprint today, will lay out the plan to strip away the generic solicitors’ qualification but instead simply provide the essential ‘day one’ stills required; however, it will be up to the individual to choose how they will acquire these essential skills.

Although, the SRA are yet to formally announce whether this new blueprint will in-fact become reality as they are yet to make well educated decisions on the matter. Furthermore, the SRA have also said that they will review if the generic solicitors’ qualification is still appropriate as the original paper suggest that it may still be an essential element of the qualification process.

The SRA will publish a formal consultation on removing unnecessary regulations at some point over the next three months. However, for now at least, the question will remain whether this reform will be positive or negative for the legal profession.

Ashton Hudson, Online Marketing Executive