August 1, 2016

My Work Experience By Abbie Armstrong

This post was written by: Susan Clements

They always say that work experience is essential for most professions, and Law is no exception. However, I don’t think I fully appreciated its utility until undertaking a week’s work experience at Aston Bond.

Upon arrival, I was given a tour of the office, introduced to each member of staff and provided with my very own desk! Throughout the rest of my week, owing to the friendliness of the staff and their willingness to enhance my experience, I was able to shadow solicitors, attend client meetings and court hearings. To a 17 year old, with little legal knowledge and experience, this was greatly appreciated due to the exciting developments that often matched the (apparently incorrect) portrayal of the career in the media and TV. In addition, between these events, I was given tasks that tested my legal understanding and enriched my knowledge of a solicitor’s role. As a result, I was able to learn the daily routine of lawyers, the types of work undertaken, and importantly, the significance of CEO Stephen Puri’s birthday to the staff calendar.

This time was vital in determining if I enjoyed and am suited to a career in law- as well as deciding whether to take a law degree in the short term. Moreover, it should prove useful in showing dedication to the field  in the future. I would thoroughly recommend this experience to those interested in becoming a lawyer or learning more about the career, and I would like to thank the team at Aston Bond for making my experience so useful and enjoyable.   

Thank you again for the experience, it is very appreciated and has been so useful!