June 9, 2023

Work experience at Aston Bond

This post was written by: Laaibah Bhatti

Completing working experience at Aston Bond was a completely professional experience which provided me with invaluable insight into the practice of law. As a first year Law student, I was keen to develop my professional identity and Aston Bond assisted me greatly.

From my first day I was greeted with my own workspace and introduced to each member of staff. This immediately helped me to feel at ease alongside the friendly atmosphere in the office which I was able to familiarise myself with over the week.

During my work experience, I never felt shy of asking questions, even if it wasn’t specific to my set tasks, I felt comfortable inquiring if I had any questions about the relevant wider practice of law. This in my opinion is of paramount importance as I believe that work experience should predominantly be learning experience.

The insight I gained throughout the week I would also attribute to the office layout, with all members of staff being located on one floor. I felt that this created an easy way for me to access to the departments and observe the specialist skills of members of staff whilst they were working. To further enhance my experience, I was able to attend different client meetings, shadow solicitors and communicate with clients by drafting letters and preparing relevant documents such as residential conveyancing initial letters to clients.

Furthermore, the office dynamic of Aston Bond, which is sociable and yet still focused, has furthered my ambition to become a solicitor. This was because of the realistic portrayal of the routine of a solicitor and legal firm generally which I was able to experience.

I highly recommend Aston Bond for work experience as in my experience I was treated with nothing but respect and pragmatism. Thank you to all the staff at Aston Bond for creating such a positive experience for me.

By Ella Bampton