November 11, 2013

The Worlds Most Valuable Trademarks

This post was written by: Aston Bond Law Firm

A trademark is a name, or image that has been protected by its owner. For example, Apple’s logo is trademarked by Apple Inc. as is the name “Apple” within five nice classes. By trademarking the Apple logo and name Apple have prohibited any use of its logo or name in certain circumstances (e.g. computer terminals).

However, to some of the worlds biggest brands a trademark is much more than simple a piece of paper protecting its logo but its a document which stops potential competitors using its name without permission; and in order to protect their brand identity many brands are willing to pay big bucks to secure its brands name around the world.

Within this blog post I will run through the top 5 most valuable trademarks registered around the world.


The “Google” trademark is valued at an amazing $44.3 billion, making it the most valuable trademark in the world. And since it was originally registered in 1999 the trademark has seen a boom in value as Google becomes one of the worlds most recognizable brands and most valuable companies.


Much like Google Microsoft is one of the worlds most recognizable brands, and with a revenue of over $77 billion in 2013 alone they have worked hard to protect its valuable name. The “Microsoft” trademark is valued at $42.8 billion worldwide.


While Walmart is a less recognizable brand for individuals living in Britain its certainly both recognisable and highly respected across the pond with its trademark being valued at $36.2 billion. However, with over 2 million employees and a revenue running into the hundreds of billions the Walmart brand is considered one of the most valuable in the world.


IBM’s trademark is valued at an amazing $36.2 billion; making its trademark more valuable than the companies entire operating income in 2012. However, the world famous consultancy and computer hardware company has grown dramatically since its founding and continues to see growth today.


With Vodafone’s trademark being valued at $30.7 billion its the highest value trademark for a British based business; and with a worldwide consumer based the company is considered one of the most recognizable telecommunication brands in the world.

So, while a trademark may appear to most as a simple “TM” after a logo, the worlds biggest brands see trademarks as much more. And with an in-house intellectual property solicitor Aston Bond has assisted many small and large businesses over the years with their trademark applications; and as more are registered more are likely to increase in value.

Vinesh Patel, Paralegal

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