January 14, 2016

New Immigration and Nationality Fees

This post was written by: Amarjit Atwal

New Immigration and Nationality Fees

The Government has announced changes to the immigration and nationality fees for the years 2016/2017. The changes, which will be followed up by legislation in April of this year, set out the maximum amount that the Home Office will be able to charge.

The changes are set out as follows:

Previously Changes for 2016/2017
Application fees £1,500 £1,875
Naturalisation fees £925 £1,156
EEA application fees £65 £65
Nationality reconsideration fees £80 £272
Super premium services fees £7,000 £8,750
3 month trial of Premium Sponsor Scheme in Tiers 2 and 5 N/A – New £2,000 for small sponsors

£6,250 for large sponsors

Fee for processing invalid applications N/A – New £25
Travel document fixed document £382 for adult

£244 for child

£218 for adult

£109 for child

Refugee dependant relative fee £592 £472
Scheme enabling members to access a range of premium services in connection with immigration or nationality N/A – New £1,000


The announcement comes in a bid to ensure that the immigration system is self-funded by those who use it and reduce how much tax payers are contributing to the system. The changes will apply until 2020 by which time the Government hopes the system will be self-funded.

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Amarjit Atwal