November 1, 2023

A journey of growth- Reflecting on Laaibah’s time at Aston Bond

This post was written by: Laaibah Bhatti

Hi! Colleagues, clients & connections.

Over the past year, I’ve been working at Aston Bond Law as a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Having completed various exams, training & projects my time at Aston Bond Law Firm comes to an end, so I can carry on my career in the digital realm. I can’t help but look back on the incredible journey I’ve had over the past year.

From the very beginning, it was evident that this would be no ordinary apprenticeship. I was stepping into a world where tradition meets innovation.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few words about my time here, and the impact that digital marketing has had on the business.

My journey:

Breaking the traditional educational routes, I left sixth form to start an apprenticeship at Aston Bond. I had little knowledge about the legal industry and how to navigate it online. However, I was welcomed by an incredible team of professionals who were patient, supportive, and eager to help me learn.

Since starting Aston Bond, my digital implementations allowed for our business to:

  • Have an increased online visibility
  • Higher rates of client engagement
  • Access to a broader audience
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Providing client & connection education
  • A traditional yet different approach to marketing
  • Enhanced user experience on digital platforms

Let’s talk about what I’ve achieved in the past year:

  • Level 3 qualifications in Marketing & Coding Principles
  • Various digital marketing skills
  • Real-World experiences
  • Access to a professional network
  • Increased job opportunities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Industry knowledge
  • Personal & professional growth & much more.

If you told me a year ago, I would have achieved this, chances are I wouldn’t believe you.

My digital marketing efforts have been not just about driving traffic or boosting search rankings; it’s also been about providing information, assistance, and a sense of trust to those who seek legal counsel.

As I step away from Aston Bond Law Firm, I do so with the knowledge that this isn’t an end but rather a new beginning.

I’ll carry the lessons I’ve learned here, not just about digital marketing but also about dedication, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence.

Aston Bond Law Firm has instilled in me a profound respect for the legal profession, and I’ll always cherish the memories and experiences I’ve gained during my time here.

To the entire team at Aston Bond Law Firm, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You’ve made this chapter of my life unforgettable, and I’m excited to see where my journey in digital marketing will take me next.

With sincere thanks and warm regards,