March 4, 2018

An AI Just Defeated a Group of Lawyers

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AI has taken a big swing at chess players, poker players, go players and now lawyers! A showdown between some of the best lawyers in the world and an AI intelligence platform LawGeex, over an interpretation of contracts resulted in the humans losing, again.

The challenge had twenty lawyers go up against the AI platform in consultation with law professors from Stanford University, Duke University, School of Law, and University of Southern California – both were given four hours to review five non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), identifying 30 legal issues, this included things like arbitration, confidentiality of relationship and indemnification. The scoring happened by accuracy in indemnifying each issue.

Humans took another tumble against the rising force of smart machines with an 85% accuracy rate. The AI smashed that out of the water with 95% accuracy. What makes this even scarier is it took the humans 92 minutes on average, but the AI completed it in 26 seconds.

This is a task lawyers undertake daily, but this still didn’t assist in the competition. The AI scoring the highest result achieved 100% accuracy in one contract, against the human whose highest result is 97%.

So, what does this mean for the legal industry?

When a computer can complete intricate and complicated jobs like this, it’s easy to see the threat posed to the industry as a whole, we see the looming threat of computerised legal offices dealing with every need in mere moments, but it’s not as dystopian as that.

“Having the AI do a first review of an NDA, much like having a paralegal issue spot, would free up valuable time for lawyers to focus on client counselling and other higher-value work,” said Erika Buell, clinical professor at Duke University School of Law, who LawGeex consulted for the study. 

These tools will come into the market, and there is a place for them, but like the computer on your desk it’s simply a tool and will only serve to make the process easier and quicker for both the solicitor and their clients. We feel there’s only good to come from this, but it’s a fascinating step into the future at the very least!