August 4, 2023

An experience into the world of law

This post was written by: Laaibah Bhatti

Throughout my work experience at Aston Bond, I’ve gained an incredible amount of valuable knowledge as to what it’s like working in the practice of law. When I arrived, the friendly team here were very welcoming which made me feel so excited for the week ahead.

The professional atmosphere within the office made me feel very focused at all times when completing tasks.

I was given many opportunities such as attending client meetings, writing the attendance note, and uploading all the documents afterwards. Being involved in the meeting gave me the opportunity to observe the conversation and dynamic which, as an aspiring solicitor, gave me a very valuable insight.

As there are so many different types of law offered at Aston Bond, it’s great to be able to explore all the different services from Family Law to Wills and Estate Planning to see which one interests you most, and an idea of the field of law you would be interested in studying. For example, I had the chance to attend a very interesting webinar on Employment Law, which for me opened an interest in that field.

I was also given challenges such as locating, checking and updating documents, and was also able to read through files, which really furthered my knowledge of the process involved in representing a client within a case.

The sociable feel of the office made me feel very included throughout the week, and I felt very comfortable asking any questions I had. I was greeted by smiling faces every morning which made my day begin very positively and made me very excited for the day ahead.

During my work experience, I have learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed myself. My confidence has definitely grown and I am now very keen to become a solicitor in the future.

I would recommend anyone with an interest in becoming a lawyer to complete work experience at Aston Bond.