February 13, 2019

Aston Bond at Slough Aspire Careers Fair 2019

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Helping young people take the right step is important for Aston Bond, that’s why year after year we’re thrilled to take part in the annual Slough Aspire Careers Fair. With over 2,000 young students from year 9 and upwards in attendance it gives us a great opportunity to help direct and inform those who’re looking to get into a career in law, or for those undecided; make the right choice for their future in the workplace.

It was a packed day with plenty of students asking questions, discussing options and planning a potential career. It was amazing giving young people interested in a career in law the advice they need to peruse it, whether that is becoming a solicitor, barrister or even a judge. As well as which area of law they would take; which made for some great discussions!

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Some photo’s from the event.