May 19, 2015

Aston Bond at the London Legal Walk

This post was written by: Francesca Shaw

london legal walk banner for legal blog

Aston Bond signed up with thousands of other legal firms to walk 10k for London Legal Aid, a charity that helps those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the legal system.

We all got our tickets and bundled onto the train up to London, getting a few curious looks in our Astonbond T-shirts. Spirits were high, it seemed like an early day out of the office for us. Our Walk began at 5.30, and by the time we arrived at Chancery lane station and walked towards Carey Street we were amongst thousands of lawyers! Among the crowds loomed performers on stilts, some dressed as Victorian Policeman, and a couple of glamorous looking women towered above us.

london legal walk

Our team gathered around, spirit’s were high and we were all basking in the bright sun that made the whole day all the more enjoyable, we signed up and began to wade through the crowd. We grabbed ourselves a map and began to walk our route, we were confident the 10k was going to be a stroll.

The Route started at Carey Street and led down through the historic middle temple lane towards Embankment passing through the legal district. The sun hit us as we walked the Thames in Victoria Embankment, our route taking us through Horse Guards Parade Grounds and into St. James Park.

london legal walk

The weather persevered and the sights were stunning, our short walk through St. James’s Park brought us onto the famous Mall leading us all the way up to Buckingham Palace, across and into Hyde Park where we began to hit the 4k mark. Our route led us all around the serpentine and we stopped for short break at the lake side restaurant, by this point we’d hit the 6k mark and was well on our way to finishing the walk.

london legal walk

The last stretch of the walk was back up the Mall, the day was getting on and the chilly winds began to pick up. We walked up to Trafalgar square and across along the Strand finally past the Royal Courts of Justice, which mark the end of the walk, a fitting landmark for our legal walk!

When we arrived back at Carey street we celebrated our long walk in the massive street party they had arranged, complete with more people of stilts, samba bands and fire jugglers!

Aston Bond completed the legal walk and raised £250 for the charity legal aid. Team work and charity work is something that is very important to Aston Bond and we were thrilled at the participation of our staff.