January 20, 2021

The benefits of using an SFE Accredited Lawyer to get your affairs in order

This post was written by: Rachel Jones

Solicitors for the Elderly (“SFE”) is a national organisation consisting of a select group of members who are qualified, regulated and insured Solicitors, Barristers or Chartered Legal Executives.  These members must specialise in law assisting older and vulnerable clients, and must have substantial experience of providing expert level advice to such clients.  The members receive expert training and are kept up to date by SFE with the latest case law for their older and more vulnerable clients.

With our own Head of Private Client Department, Jade Gani, recently qualifying as an SFE Full Accredited lawyer, we list 10 reasons as to why you should use an SFE accredited lawyer like Jade to get your affairs in order:-

SFE members:

  1. Know their stuff

As an SFE accredited lawyer, Jade is a qualified solicitor who has specialised in providing legal advice to older or vulnerable people and their family and carers, and therefore has an expansive knowledge of her legal area.

  1. Have years of experience

An SFE lawyer, Jade has been training and focusing on this area of law for many years, and therefore has built up substantial expertise and connections to ensure you receive an all-encompassing service.

  1. Are independently accredited

As well as successfully completing all areas to qualify as an accredited member of SFE, Jade has also completed additional training in older client law to qualify for the independently accredited Older Client Care in Practice Award.

  1. Follow a strict code of conduct

SFE lawyers like Jade are regulated by a strict code of conduct that centres on respect and dignity for their clients.  They understand the level of service required to meet the needs of older and more vulnerable clients, and how these may differ from others in society.

  1. Speak in a language you understand

SFE lawyers like Jade understand that there can be a lot of legal jargon in their profession and that this can be confusing to understand.  She therefore communicates in clear and straightforward language so that you can be confident that you understand any advice or documents you are provided with.

  1. Are part of a community of experts

SFE is an organisation that has created a community among the highest specialists in older client law.  With a community of over 1,500 members, no matter how complex or sensitive your case, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible legal advice on all areas.

  1. Safeguard your interests

An SFE lawyer, such as Jade, understands your interests and will focus on ensuring you receive advice that is of the highest quality and tailored to your specific needs whilst still being affordable.

  1. Understand the bigger picture

There are often wider and sensitive issues surrounding the health, care and family advice that you may be seeking, and an SFE lawyer like Jade will understand this and be able to apply the advice to the bigger picture and how this may affect your plans for later life.

  1. Offer the best possible care and support

SFE lawyers, such as Jade, have chosen to specialise in older client law in particular as they care about the more vulnerable members of our society, and helping provide them with support that is tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

  1. Get you the best possible outcome

Ultimately, by choosing an SFE lawyer like Jade you can be confident that you will be guided and supported through a complex and sensitive area of law with the highest level of expertise, and you can be sure that the advice you receive will help protect both and also your loves ones both now and in your later life.

If you would like to speak with Jade about your Private Client Law needs then please do not hesitate to contact her on 01753486777