BLegal and Aston Bond

By August 15, 2016Uncategorized

Unfortunately, BLegal ceased trading earlier this year. They had various offices and when these closed, most of the documents that they held for clients, such as wills, powers of attorney and deeds, in storage came over to us to look after on an ongoing basis. BLegal were also holding documents held by Fendom Dawson, Coopers and Baily Gibson and these documents will now also be with us. We will continue to store these documents safely here at Aston Bond in Slough.

If you were a client of any of these firms and wish to discuss any legal matter, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall be pleased to assist.

If your Will was stored by any of these firms, and you have appointed them as your Executors, then it is very important that you review the terms of your Will, as this appointment will fail and could have unintended consequences. If you wish to appoint this firm in place of these firms that no longer exist, then we will be happy to prepare a free Codicil for you to appoint this firm in their place.  Should you wish to take advantage of this: then please do not hesitate to contact Jenna Dunstall on either 01753 486777 or by email

If you simply wish to review the terms of your Will, Jenna is offering a free consultation, so feel free to get in touch. It is very important that your Will is up to date and correctly reflects your wishes.

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