July 22, 2013

Can The Royal Family Trademark the Royal Baby Name?

This post was written by: Aston Bond Law Firm

Here at Aston Bond Solicitors we handle trademark and copyright cases daily and come across a huge variety of different brand names and product names that people wish to trademark with the intent to protect their intellectual property. However, when it comes down to names it can be different case entirely. One example can be seen in Jay-Z and Beyoncé who trademarked the name of their child “Blue Ivy Carter” earlier this year.

But surely you cannot trademark a name? Well, in-fact you can. Before Jay-Z and Beyoncé applied for the trademark of “Blue Ivy Carter” other applications were made for the trademark of this name; however, all were refused. By the time Beyoncé and Jay-Z applied for trademark ownership, it was granted. However, this does not stop you from naming a child the same name; but does stop you from using such a name for your brand name and/or product name.

But is it likely that the next Royal Baby will also have a trademarked name? No, other than the royal family’s unlikelihood to want to trademark a name it would also be very unlikely to be accepted. With a name such as George or Elizabeth there are already multiple brand names using such generic names within their brand identity; making it unlikely for trademark ownership being handed over to the royals.

In the case of Jay-Z and Beyoncé the name “Blue Ivy Carter” is fairly unique and you can almost be certain that it will be a brand in some form in the years to come. But for now, the royal baby will remain un-trademarked.

Ashton Hudson, Online Marketing Executive