October 9, 2023

Celebrating Diversity: Black History Month at Aston Bond

This post was written by: Laaibah Bhatti

Black History month is a time to celebrate and recognise the achievements and accomplishments of black individuals and communities, furthering to promote a positive sense of recognition and pride.

Additionally, this month offers an invaluable opportunity to help educate people about the frequently overlooked and/or marginalised features of black history. It comes with even greater importance considering the struggles and tribulations that have happened to black people over the course of many centuries.

Not only is this a reflection on the past, but also a call for the future.

Black History Month is the perfect opportunity for schools and educational institutions to incorporate black history and culture into the curriculum from the start of the school year. This helps to promote inclusivity by diversifying the curriculum and further inspires students by giving them positive role models.

Such education is important in a time where negativity thrives on social media (particularly as the average age for a social media users is decreasing each year). From all the hard work and determination of the black power movement through cultural programs and educational events, the younger generation can learn about the rich tapestry of black history and reflect on the significant contributions this movement has made.

As a law firm, we support the education and celebration that Black History Month can provide.  This is particularly the case as we see such under-representation in our industry – across all the lawyers in England, Scotland and Wales, black lawyers only represent 2 percent of the workforce; this is the lowest percentage out of all the ethnic minorities. Aston Bond strives to focus on diversity and equality as our people have and will always be the heart of what makes us different. That is why Aston Bond champions its training and development practices; to make sure that regardless of previous experience, the appropriate knowledge and training is provided to everyone that is part of the company.   Additionally, our extensive work experience programme goes some way to opening up the pathways for local students, irrespective of their background.

As we enter Black History Month, we not only recognise the struggles faced throughout history, but also celebrate the incredible achievements that have impacted and changed our society. ­­­­­­­­These strong movements and collaborative efforts between the black community helps to promote discussion between other communities on racial inequality, social justice and awareness.

We encourage all to strive towards a society which encourages diversity and a more equitable and inclusive future for not only the black community, but also for us all.