April 9, 2013

Checklist for small builders

This post was written by: Nick Powe

I act for a number of small builders – both those new to small projects and existing builders.

There are a number of points which must be addressed but which are often overlooked:

  • Plans – arrange for plans to be available as soon as possible to ensure they are Land Registry compliant.
  • Postal addresses – if new properties are to be built, get new addresses issued as soon as possible.
  • Planning and Building Regulations – ensure they are issued as soon as possible and keep all paperwork and obtain final paperwork.
  • Guarantees and certificates – obtain and keep all required papers and any specifications buyers may require.
  • Photos – take pictures as the development progresses.
  • Covenant issues – arrange insurance as early as possible.
  • Builders insurance – arrange as necessary.
  • Final works – have checked by a surveyor.

The above list is not exhaustive but ensure your commercial property solicitor has paperwork as soon as possible to ensure all papers can be dispatched to buyers at an early stage.

Nick Powe, Senior Property Solicitor