June 11, 2020

Children and Home-Schooling During Lockdown

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During the current lockdown children’s schooling can be a major worry and concern for some parents. The government guidelines are that during lockdown there should be flexibility between parents over schooling even where a Child Arrangements Order is in place. Parents should be looking at what is in the best interest of the children. The parents should decide how the children will spend their day and in particular how their school work should take place during this unsettling time. Some parents decide that they should not depart from the Child Arrangements Order which is currently in place. However they should not do this if there are going to be problems over their children’s schooling.  They must put their children’s schooling first. In the event that parents cannot reach an agreement and as a result the children are not receiving their schooling at home an application may be made to the Family Court for a Specific Issue Order to deal with this problem. However such an application must be made as a last resort. Once papers are issued at Court a date will be fixed and a District Judge will usually order a remote court hearing. This is where the hearing is conducted by telephone so parties do not have to attend Court but all parties are connected to the same telephone conference call.   The District Judge will then introduce his or herself and explain that the conference call must not be recorded and then the case will proceed.

In the event that you are having problems over your children’s schooling or indeed any other problems relating to children’s arrangements please do not hesitate to telephone Lynette A’Court our Senior Family Solicitor on 07754662438 who will be able to assist you.