December 9, 2013

Why You Need a Solicitor in a Compromised Agreement Case

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A compromised agreement is a legally binding agreement between you and your employee and will often be used when your employer makes you resign. The reason your employer has forcibly made you resign may vary, it may be due to restructuring of the business, financial restraints upon the business, or a change in company directors mean some employees will be forced into resignation.

However, many employees often resign without taking any further action against their employer; however, you, the employee, may have the right to claim financial payment for your resignation if it has been forced upon you.

While some individuals do represent themselves in a compromised agreement case, or settle out of court with their employer it is likely that you will not gain the highest amount of financial reward by doing this. Furthermore, without any legal representation from a compromised agreement or employment solicitor the agreement may, in-fact, not stand up in court if you need it to at a later date.

At Aston Bond solicitors in Slough our specialist employment law solicitor and compromised agreement solicitor Dion McCarthy handles a wide array of compromised agreement matters.

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