July 4, 2023

Day at the Royal Windsor Racecourse

This post was written by: Laaibah Bhatti

At Aston Bond, we firmly believe in the power of work events. From team-building activities or networking events, these gatherings provide a great opportunity to enhance collaboration and foster professional relationships.

This week, our team had the chance to attend the Royal Windsor racecourse.

From the moment we stepped foot into the racetrack, we felt the electricity in the air. There was a vibrant atmosphere with the crowd buzzing with excitement and anticipation.  

The racecourse environment was a unique blend of excitement, elegance, and positivity.

The interactive nature of the venue encouraged all our team members to come together, collaborate, and bond.

Placing bets on races created a sense of shared excitement among us all with the seasoned pros of our group teaching those who had never been before.  We felt a stronger sense of unity and cooperation as we cheered each other’s horses on and shared in the experience.

For those fortunate enough to witness the sport of horse racing first hand, it is a lifelong experience to remember. As indeed is any event, big or small, which helps a team bond look out for each other, both in and out of the workplace.