June 2, 2015

Is Disability Discrimination Protection at an all-time low?

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The Public Interest Research Unit (PIRU) claims that since 2010 employment law protections especially for the disabled have digressed dramatically, especially since the Governments disseverment of so called ‘red tape’ employment law protections.

The (PIRU) claim that there have been numerous cuts to employment law protections since 2010; many which effect disabled workers. This is also coupled with the reality that many employees are unlikely to make a claim for reasons such as low level of awareness of the Disability Discrimination Act and the fact that there can be obstacles when making a claim like fear of victimisation, low expectation of success and the introduction of tribunal fees.

The research unit also is said to say that there is a distinct lack of disability training and that the disabled are being recruited even less than before 2010, with work place animosity towards some disabled employees, with claims that line managers have regarded mental illnesses at ‘exaggerated’ or ‘faked’.

“Based on a largely discredited 1950s model of disability, the Act is probably beyond repair. We would like to see it replaced with a civil rights act which properly addresses discrimination.” (PIRU) Spokeperson.