November 10, 2016

First Brexit and now Donald Trump

This post was written by: Andrew Sargood

Donald Trump will officially be the next president of the United States of America, but what similarities are there to Brexit?

There are a number of comparisons which can be made between the Brexit vote and the more recent USA elections; controversial, un-predictable and a close call are a few things that spring to mind. With only a 1% difference in votes Trump has won the presidency, against all the bookies odds… much like the Brexit vote.

Commentators have noted that there is a distinct mood-change around the world, with people willing to take a risk and vote for the more unpredictable or unconventional in order to facilitate a change in their country.  It also seems that voters are tired of being told what to do.

But what could Trump being in power mean for a post-Brexit Britain? The economic results are still to be determined but Trump has mentioned trade deals with us as a country are not being ruled out. Teresa May was quick to point out that our “special relationship” will continue and she hopes to make it even stronger.  And indeed some believe that any change will be in Britain’s favour. How will the global market be affected?  The dollar and the Mexican peso fell yesterday as the results were announced although our pound surged.  But this is not highly unusual and there is always some fluctuation immediately after an election.  Any more significant changes will likely only be seen once Trump begins to start giving some more specifics as to what changes and legislation he wants to introduce.

And the Brexit comparisons don’t end there.  Both Farage and Trump also have a few similarities… The media has targeted them for their outspoken and controversial statements and straight forward, un-censored views, but both have evidently come out on top.  Indeed Farage has reportedly flown straight out to the USA to put himself forward for a job working with Trump as his Ambassador in the EU.

The victory of Donald Trump has clearly caused some upset among citizens of the USA. As a result of this there have been anti-Trump protests and demonstrations across many different cities.

These recent events have proven one thing, what people want most within their countries is change. The victory of Britain leaving the EU and Donald Trump winning as the next President for the United States stems from this. Only time will tell if change is for better or for worse in both situations.  Whatever happens, no-one can deny that interesting times are ahead.

Let us know what you think of Trump’s victory. Can this be compared to our own Brexit referendum? We’ll be holding a seminar in the near future discussing Brexit for Britain and more current issues. So stay tuned.

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