November 28, 2023

How Teachers Utilise AI

This post was written by: Michael Sayers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used by teachers more and more in the classroom, which is changing the way that education is provided. Here are some examples of how educators are utilising AI and the impact it is having on students:

  •  Personalised Learning:

AI is being utilised to develop adaptive learning systems that modify course material based on the requirements of specific students. These platforms evaluate the performance of the students and modify the curriculum to concentrate on areas where they might require more help.

  • Automated Grading & Learning Analytics:

Assignment and quiz grading is being automated by AI technologies. This makes it possible for professors to give students feedback on time and consistently, which helps students recognise areas that need work right away.

Analytics powered by AI can reveal patterns in student performance and learning habits. Educators can utilise this information to make well-informed choices regarding intervention and strategy implementation.

  • Virtual Teaching Assistance:

Chatbots and virtual assistants driven by AI are being utilised to give students immediate support. In addition to offering extra support outside of scheduled class times, these resources can respond to inquiries, provide clarifications, and mentor students through the learning process.

  • Automated Administrative Tasks:

Teachers’ administrative responsibilities are being streamlined by AI, freeing them up to concentrate more on teaching. Teachers may focus on student engagement and support by freeing up critical time with automated grading, attendance tracking, and other regular duties.

Even though artificial intelligence (AI) in education has many advantages, its application must be carefully considered, taking into account data protection, ethical issues, and the need for a well-rounded strategy that integrates technology with efficient teaching techniques.

Despite the obvious benefits, it us clear that one thing AI can’t do is provide the personal touch.  AI cannot interact with students and talk about feelings in English literature in the same way, cannot extol the virtues of what science can achieve, cannot celebrate students’ individually – and more importantly cannot care about students’ well-being and ensure their safeguarding in the same way a human can.

I personally use AI in my business as a digital marketer quite a bit. It assists me in various ways such as using Chat GPT to gather ideas or Quillbot to assist me in paraphrasing. It has helped me to get my work done more efficiently as at times I don’t have to spend as much time thinking for ideas and I’m also picking up on how AI paraphrases and thinks of new ideas and applying that to my own work.

Here at Aston Bond, we are all for AI being used to enhance everyday life but strongly believe relationships are at the heart of human nature.  That’s how we do business, and we believe that will remain unchanged for many years to come.