November 30, 2022

Land registry releases a new digital service

This post was written by: Laaibah Bhatti

HM Land Registry is the authoritative source of information relating to properties and land ownership. It maintains registers recording things such as who owns a piece of land or property, mortgages secured against the property, house prices, charges, easements & restrictive covenants, boundaries and rights of way.

HM Land Registry has announced its new easy to use digital registration service launches on Wednesday 30th November 2022.

These changes will affect the homepage, the digital registration service and the ability to view applications.

The department believes this will improve the user experience.

Digital applications are said to have;

  1. Newly added features such as additional save points when building applications
  2. Greater control over editing applications before submission
  3. Fee calculator for leases and transfer of part, that calculates fees due automatically.

The department says, ‘The necessary steps should be taken to understand the changes and benefits to customers to familiarise themselves with the service change and where to find the appropriate support and guidance’.

HM Land Registry has been experiencing severe delays throughout its service.  This has been the case since the pandemic and matters do not seem to be improving.  Such delays can prove problematic for a variety of reasons and certainly we at Aston Bond hope the latest changes will be aid HM Land Registry in reducing the backlog.

If you need any guidance on getting set up you can have a read on ;

HM Land Registry portal: login and guides – GOV.UK (