November 7, 2022

Land Registry sets to tackle delays

This post was written by: Laaibah Bhatti

HM Land Registry (‘HMLR’) are working on the agency’s latest initiative to tackle lengthy delays. For conveyancers this means that we could be required to confirm that information contained in applications to HM Land Registry are true.

The Law Society is working with the Land Registry to ensure that this process does not cause further pressure on solicitors.

However, the Land Registry believes that this approach will ‘improve trust in the application’. This procedure is in fat already adopted in land registries around the world.

HMLR has said the process will ‘… involve a regulated professional confirming that the facts stated in the application are true, to the best of their information and belief.’

‘For example, we will be asking them to confirm the transfer or mortgage has been executed and the transaction completed. HMLR will still make the decision as to whether guaranteed title should be registered. That is our responsibility. We will just ask for the facts about transaction. The legal professional will know the facts themselves or can find out from others in their firm.’

The president of the Law society, Lubna Shuja has said ‘We have been working with the Land Registry and others to ensure that no further risks will be assumed by conveyancing solicitors as part of the drive to automation. We are keen to see the results of the pilot and assess how the plans work in practise.’

At Aston Bond, our very own conveyancing team deal with communicating and making the appropriate Land Registry applications. We understand that it is crucial that all applications go through a procedure to ensure all information is true and accurate.

We hope that this new procedure works in our interest and does indeed ‘ improve trust in the application’ as the agency has promised.

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