June 14, 2023

London Legal walk 2023- A walk filled with adventure

This post was written by: Laaibah Bhatti

We did it! The London Legal Walk 10 years and counting….

Thousands of other legal professionals came together and walked through the streets of London with us in support of a cause close to our hearts.

The walk has raised vital funds to ensure that legal help reaches our community’s most vulnerable people by offering free legal advice and support.

So, here’s how it went :

  1. Carey Street

Upon arriving at the start point of our journey at Carey street, we were instantly amazed by the number of legal professionals taking part in the event alongside the balloon arch, street decor, stalls & the overall atmosphere of positivity.

And of course the oversized police men!

2. The start point

The start of the walk is always the easy part right? Well maybe not so much in our case. With the temperature reaching around 29 degrees, some of us were already sweating buckets!

We constantly had to remind ourselves the reason we were on the walk and the wider cause behind it in order to motivate us that extra mile.

3. Ice cream break

Name a good way to cool down in the blazing heat. Ice cream of course!! Once we had reached our halfway point of 5K we stopped for a cheeky ice cream break. We couldn’t be too tough on ourselves right?

4. Sightseeing

Along with the good company, we also had amazing views of London.

5. The end

What seemed impossible to some was made possible with motivation, encouragement and a ‘can do’ mindset. We made it the full 10K!

We then joined the ending street party where we had a much-needed drink.

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