June 25, 2015

Nurses Could Get The Boot – How Proposed Immigration Changes Effect Nurses

This post was written by: Ravinder Kaur

blog banner showing nurses could get the boot

A change in immigration laws could be detrimental for many individuals who have come to the UK from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

The new rules, due to come into force in 2017, specify that any immigrants from outside of the EEA who do not earn £35,000 or more within 6 years of arriving in the UK will be deported.

While there are supporters of this decision who believe foreign nationals should not rely on the government for support, the new rules will have a harmful impact on many professionals – particularly nurses. So how could the proposed immigration changes effect nurses?

There has been an outcry from the Royal College of Nursing who claim that around 3,365 nurses, all of whom were born outside of Europe, will have to leave the country immediately as a result. It is claimed that it cost over £20,000,000 to recruit these nurses in the first place.

The domino effect of this shortage of nurses is that health care standards could fall and there will be a significant shortage of nurses. The recruitment process will also have to be kick started, at a further cost.

David Cameron has justified his decision on the basis that the Migration Advisory Committee has not recommended that nursing be put on the shortage occupations list. Had this been the case, nurses could have been exempt from the new rules.

Immigration law is constantly evolving and if you or a loved one has come to the UK from outside of Europe, it is important to know how the changes will impact you. For all your immigration needs contact our team of solicitors today on 01753 486 777 or come into our offices at Windsor Crown House, 7 Windsor Road, Slough, SL1 2DX.