July 11, 2013

How Obama Is Hitting Back At Patent Trolls

This post was written by: Aston Bond Law Firm

Apple and Samsung have become as famous for their patent disputes as they have their technological innovation over the past years as have many other big manufacturers. However, in the past ten years a new industry has been appearing with patent registrations growing at a rapid rate; the patent trolls. A patent troll is an individual or company which is seen to be licensing patents with the intent to make money from it through court cases against possible infringer’s. As both technology and communication innovation has rapidly grown over the past ten years more of these “patent trolls” have surfaced; however, the Obama administration is now hitting back.

In a recent daily press briefing by the Obama administration a spokesman of the White House highlighted the need to calm the patent disputes industry which many believe is holding the United States technological innovation back. The aim? To cut down on excess litigation and further allow innovation throughout the United States industry’s.

The move for the U.S government was seen as ground braking by many; the White House often leaves the U.S legal system to Congress, however, the recent press briefing highlights just how serious the U.S government takes innovation on its home turf.

However, this is likely to change very little. It will now be down the decisions made by Congress in weather the current law needs reviewing or not. Many technology firms around the world (many based in the U.S) see patents as vital for their businesses security; however, many also consider the current legal system to be a way for patent trolls to make money from others innovation.

The patent dispute is certain to continue with many large commercial brands continuing to fight over patents around the world. With further commercial innovation comes the likelihood of further patents being registered by companies such as Apple, Samsung, Dyson etc.

Ashton Hudson, Online Marketing Executive


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