October 9, 2015

The Law Superstore – The comparison site for lawyers

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the law superstore blog post showing a gavel in a shopping basket

Stuart Briggs is set to release a comparison website for law firms in March 2016. Briggs, the former chief executive of Minister Law and Brilliant Law, believes he has found a gap in the market.

The Law Superstore allows customers to choose between 12 broad categories offering over 130 different legal services. Mr. Briggs explains that “customers will be ‘matched’ with legal providers that meet their exact requirements based on a range of criteria including particular expertise, services and geographic location.”

He adds that the site would provide “a list of law firms that can offer the service”. In this way parallels can be drawn, in terms of layout and structure, between ‘The Law Superstore’ and other sites in different industries such as ‘Compare the Market’.

The Law Superstore is currently recruiting ‘partners’ who will not be charged for joining the site but will instead be charged for each customer referred to their practices.

A seven- figure sum has been invested into the company by private equity firms JZI International and Souter Investments. The Website itself is owned by Winn Holding Limited, the parent company of Winn Solicitors. As a result, questions are already being asked as to whether Winn Solicitors will receive preferential treatment on the comparison site. A spokeswoman for The Law Superstore straightened out this query saying “The Law Superstore is a completely autonomous business and has no day to day links with Winn Solicitors”

This website aims to change the way people search for legal services. However, there are examples of legal comparison sites that haven’t quite taken off such as www.comparelegalcosts.co.uk. Briggs is confident that The Law Superstore is different, stating “I promise you no-one will have seen anything like this”