May 13, 2024

Unlocking the Doors to Professional Growth: A Student’s Perspective on Interning with us!

This post was written by: Ilinca Mardarescu

Working at Aston Bond has been an incredible experience. I was welcomed into the office with a level of professionalism and attention that really made a lasting impression on me. The chance to work in a variety of different sectors at the firm was one of the most amazing aspects of this experience. I was able to gain practical experience in a range of legal processes, whether it was through document drafting, case reading or legal research.

I learnt a lot of useful skills and gained extensive knowledge while working at Aston Bond. I had the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals who were always willing to share their experiences. I gained knowledge in how to critically evaluate and analyse complicated legal matters, and effectively communicate. These abilities have improved my academic endeavours and will be beneficial to me in my future legal career.

The firm made this experience very comfortable for me by the supportive and collaborative environment. Working closely with a diverse and talented team allowed me to develop professionally and I was able to broaden my knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the legal industry.

Overall, I had an incredible experience working at Aston Bond. It gave me useful experience, insightful knowledge, and a greater understanding of the path I intend to take in the future of my legal career. I am grateful for the opportunity that was given to me, and I would like to thank everyone here for the experience.

By Riqayya Hussain

At Aston Bond, we offer an extensive work experience program designed to give aspiring professionals a direct insight into our dynamic industry. To apply, simply send your CV and cover letter to Please ensure that your cover letter also includes your desired dates of participation. We can’t wait to welcome students to our team!