July 21, 2020

What is a Legionella Risk Assessment?

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A Legionella Risk Assessment assesses the potential risks of the spread of Legionella bacteria within properties. 

The Legionella bacteria causes a pneumonia like illness known as Legionnaires’ disease and can contaminate and thrive in water systems, such as the hot and cold-water systems within properties. 

Under health and safety law, landlords have a duty to ensure their tenants are not exposed to any health and safety risks. This includes exposure to Legionella bacteria and landlords should ensure they assess the risk of exposure within their properties.

Whilst large and complex water systems may require routine testing, this is often not considered necessary for simple domestic water systems found in most residential properties.

Usually a landlord can comply with this duty by carrying out a Legionella Risk Assessment themselves, without needing to employ a consultant to carry out a risk assessment for them. Landlords should ensure that their Legionella Risk Assessment is kept up to date and is periodically reviewed.