February 17, 2014

When to Make an Insurance Claim on Damaged Property and/or Contents after a Flood

This post was written by: Aston Bond Law Firm

As the United Kingdom endures the highest amount of rainfall for over 200 years residential and commercial properties across the country have been severely damaged, as have the contents within them. However, if you were lucky enough to have prepared for the recent UK floods the likelihood is that you invested in property insurance and/or contents insurance.

Within this blog post I will advise you on when and how you should make a claim to your insurance company and how to gain the highest pay-out when the water recedes.

Firstly, the most vital part of any insurance claim after a flood is the initial contact and the time between the initial damage and the initial contact with your insurance company.

While individual insurers will have their own terms and policies in place it is recommended by industry experts that you make the initial contact by telephone within 24-hours of the initial damage. Furthermore, it is also recommended that you call the insurance company regularly to advise them on any further developments such as further damage to property or contents.

Once you have made the initial contact the insurance company should open a claim. At this point you will be contacted by an independent loss adjuster who should contact you within a 24-hour period after you made the initial contact with the insurance company.

The loss adjuster will then arrange an assessment to take place, and during this assessment the loss adjuster will document any damage caused and may in some circumstances require the opinion of a qualified building professional that will be able to provide further advice on the costs and importance of the damage caused.

However, you should always ensure that the loss adjuster is both independent and qualified, as are any professionals they consult with. You should also ensure that the damage assessment is made after the flood waters have receded as this is when the overall damage is visible and measurable.

Moreover, if you have undertaken any repairs before the initial assessment takes place you should ensure that you keep all receipts and the contact details for the professionals you hired to undertake the work; and you should ensure that you have taken pictures of the damaged caused and keep it in case it is required at a later time during the claims process.

Once the initial contact has been made and the assessment has been successfully undertaken the insurance company will calculate the amount you are entitled too. This price will often be dependent on both the amount of damage caused and the cover you have. It is then your decision to accept or decline any offer which is made to you by your insurance company.

And finally, our team of solicitors in Slough would like to wish all property owners who have been effected by the recent UK floods luck with their insurance claims.

Ashton Hudson, Online Marketing Executive 


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