January 30, 2013

Why are businesses all around the UK failing?

This post was written by: Aston Bond Law Firm

Comet, Jessops, Blockbusters, HMV…. if these big businesses can fail so can any business, as have Cobbetts Solicitors this morning.

So why are businesses all around the UK failing?

One reason is that customers and clients today have changed how they buy. This is largely due to the internet, our growing preference to start the buying process online and our clients expecting transparency and something different. By not adapting their lead generation process and not understanding what their customers truly wanted and how they prefer to buy today companies like Jessops and HMV quickly lost their market share.  Forward thinking, innovative and customer centric competitors took their business from right under their nose.

The second reason is the lack of an effective lead and client generation system that takes prospects from online to offline so that you can convert them into paying customers.

Customers and the new wave of savy clients out there that we need to attract to stay in business have changed how they buy…. so we need to change how we market and sell to them!! 

Stephen Puri, Chief Executive