November 11, 2022

Words from our work experience…

This post was written by: Laaibah Bhatti

Over this past week I have had the pleasure of getting an insight into the busy yet fascinating legal world here in Aston Bond.

On my first day I was given a tour around the office and was introduced to the team. Everyone was extremely welcoming, and it was clear from the start that they all had a great relationship with each other. This created a positive atmosphere allowing me to be able to learn without the fear of judgement from mistakes. As a result, asking questions was very easy and I was provided with lots of very beneficial advice about getting into this field. My questions were always met with clear, helpful answers.

During my time here, I was given the tasks of drafting letters to clients, filling documents, and reading through old case files. Filing the documents was a crucial task for my learning here, it allowed me to really memorise and understand which documents are needed for certain requests from clients. These files were mostly Wills, LPAs and Deeds related, which is a part of law I hadn’t much knowledge on prior to this experience.

Learning about new areas of law has been my favourite part of this week. Having the opportunity of reading through different case files has been extremely helpful in giving me an indication of the type of law I might want to explore later in my career. Looking through a case regarding employment law and learning how that is handled from initial contact with the client to the ruling in court which I could then compare to the file of a property being sold and how that comes together has been fascinating.

Drafting letters gave me an insight into the language and structure needed to give clients clarity in their matters. I have picked up a handful of phrases used when interacting with the clients and anyone involved in the matter.

Overall, this experience has been crucial in my decision of pursuing law in the future, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. I would like to thank the team here at Aston bond for making this such a positive and useful experience.

Written by Bella Cooper