September 16, 2016

My Work Experience by Anjali Mehra

This post was written by: Andrew Sargood

Although my work experience at Aston Bond consisted of only a short period, within such a small time scale, I was provided with an excellent insight into the working life of a solicitor, and gained a solid understanding in regards the jobs they are involved in on a day to day basis, and challenges they face.

Throughout my work experience at Aston Bond, I had the privilege of attending meetings with clients,  witnessed the signing of clients wills and deeds,  and read several large cases based on employment law and litigation that involved a great deal of in – depth documentation, evidence and critical  analysis of each case from the start until finish. I rather enjoy collating evidence and conducting analysis to conduct a case and examining these cases further fuelled my interest. I was also able to directly witness the influence of current affairs and recent advances in politics and government changes such as Brexit, and was able to see the strong impact it has on the Home Office and an immigration lawyer’s job which was particularly intriguing, and one of the highlights of my experience, as I was able to distinctly apply a real life application of law.

The staff at Aston Bond were friendly and approachable and provided me with support and useful advice in regards to achieving a successful future career in law; I was particularly impressed with how the solicitors conducted themselves with such high levels of professionalism and integrity whilst maintaining a down to earth approach when communicating with clients, and learnt how to adapt and communicate with a variety of different clients.

Overall, I would like to thank everyone at Aston Bond for an exceedingly insightful and hugely beneficial experience that has motivated and driven me to work hard in my law degree when I start in September this year. I would thoroughly recommend work experience at Aston Bond to any student who is eager to pursue a career in law, and is interested to gain a broad insight into the profession.