July 19, 2016

My Work Experience by Jasprit Babraha

This post was written by: Andrew Sargood

When embarking on my first ever work experience, the term ‘a little fish in a big pond’ had never been so significant. My knowledge and experience was minuscule, and I couldn’t help but recount horror-filled anecdotes regarding work experience that I’d been acquainted with in the past during the days prior to my work experience beginning. Sunday night consisted of a bout of tossing and turning as nerves got the better of me, but what adolescent wouldn’t feel the same way when change comes along?

However, when the fateful morning of Monday 11th July 2016 came along, I was amazingly surprised. My butterflies were diminished instantly as I entered the law firm, the warm smiles of my colleagues for the week melting all of my worries away. My first impressions of Aston Bond were highly positive, as I was formally introduced to every worker in the firm and guided through the building. I was then informed of what my work experience would consist of; meetings, documents and cases, and set my first task.

I faced challenges while at work that put me outside of my comfort zone, but due to the experience and support of my colleagues I was able to use my common sense and will to complete these tasks to the best of my ability. Everyone working at Aston Bond was warm and approachable during my time there, and had no problem with the questions I’d ask and support I’d sometimes request for. At first I believed my age would act as a hindrance during work experience as I’m only going into Year 11 this September, but I was completely proven wrong. I was treated and respected by my colleagues at Aston Bond, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to carry out work experience at.

My outlook on the world of law and knowledge on what being a solicitor consists of has considerably increased due to this enriching and intriguing work experience. I have now been enlightened and attracted to the world of work in corporate law thanks to this opportunity. I wholly recommend completing work experience at Aston Bond, as they’re a welcoming, open and cordial place.