June 29, 2016

My Work Experience – By Nansi Hidrej

This post was written by: Susan Clements

Phenomenal and invaluable were just two of the many words I could use to describe my weeks worth of work experience at Aston Bond. From Monday the 20th to Friday the 25th of June I was given the opportunity to live the daily working life of a solicitor, as I was invited to meetings with staff and clients on a variety of different topics ranging from wills and probate, employment and immigration, giving me a real insight to the daily dealings of a qualified or trainee lawyer.

The partners of the law firm were extremely accommodating to adapt to my needs as being registered blind I required an assistant to aide me with reading files and making my cups of tea and other mobility requirements. Staff were extremely understanding and willing to adapt the work in order to make it more accessible to me, such as putting the work on to a memory stick so that I could access it on my equipment. Staff also treated me like a fellow employee which was great.

I was introduced to all the staff at the office who greeted and welcomed me warmly. I was taken around the office and shown where all the different rooms were such as the kitchen, my desk and everything else. I was given my own desk which was brilliant. I was given several files and a variety of cases to read through and was asked to report back to one of the solicitors who told me that I was on the right track and had picked up the correct and necessary information, which being 16 and on my first ever work experience placement hugely boosted my confidence, as I was aware that what I was doing was right.

Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable experience. I wish I could stay for longer and I highly recommend Aston Bond to anyone looking for work experience in the law industry!