Aston Bond Weekly Newsletter – Free Wills, Furlough, Online Wills & More

During these strange times,  many more of us are working from home, washing our hands frequently, jumping around the front-room to workout videos and staring out our windows longing for some sun…… We at Aston Bond have been helping NHS workers claim free Wills and advice on some of the legal questions this pandemic has highlighted. 

This newsletter is the first of many weekly updates we’ll be sharing with you over the course of the lockdown, helping answer any of your legal questions and keeping you in the loop while we still work hard, from our homes, continuing to provide legal services to clients. 

Free Wills for NHS Workers – Our part during COVID-19

We’ve been busy helping NHS workers claim their free Wills all this week. As part of our small effort to aid the amazing NHS staff that are fighting Covid-19.

During April we’re offering free Wills to Nurses, Doctors and Hospital Staff. 

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Can Coronavirus ( Covid-19) trigger a Force Majeure Clause in your contract?

Head of Litigation Jagdeep Sandher has weighed in on the possibility of a force majeure clause triggering due to the Coronavirus situation many businesses are facing. He raises a number of interesting points in relation to Force Majeure and whether Coronavirus is classified as a Force Majeure event.

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Online Wills – The Real Costs

Head of Wills & Estate Planning Jade Gani has written a fascinating article on the true cost of Online Wills. With these uncertain times it may seem easier to sort out your Will through an online retailer, but there can be some unexpected and unwelcome consequences. A must read for those who are considering updating or getting a Will. 

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What you can do on Furlough Leave

Many people have now been placed on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme or ‘Furlough’ as it’s commonly been called. Head of Employment Ilinca Mardarescu talks about what you can actually do if you find yourself ‘Furloughed’. 

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